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Industries Served

Gaston Electronics manufactures assemblies and finished products for the Industrial, Specialty, Medical, Power, HVAC, and Military/Defense Industries offering a mix of technologies and solutions.

Industrial Control Panel Assembly INDUSTRIAL

Microprocessor controller box build, board assemblies, electrical control panels and engineering services for industrial compressors, UV curing equipment, AC/DC/Servo drives, fuel distribution and monitoring.
Specialty Control Panel Assembly SPECIALTY

Card and PCB assemblies, electrical control panels, complete box build, and engineering services for water analysis and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, fire fighting breathing support systems, and arcade games.
Medical Control Panel Assembly MEDICAL

Card assemblies, engineering services, and box build for specialized patient bed care, power surgical instruments, sterilizers and autoclaves.
Power Control Panel Assembly POWER

Card assemblies, box build, electrical control panels, and engineering services for industrial AC line voltage regulation.
HVAC Control Panel Assembly HVAC

Electrical control panel assemblies and engineering services for large industrial air conditioning and chillers.
Military Control Panel Assembly MILITARY/DEFENSE

Card assemblies, box build, and engineering services for nuclear radiation detection, mine sweeper/mine detectors, encryption and security.

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